Virtual Assistant Services: Finding the Right VA Fit

The global pandemic has changed the way we work forever. Over the last 18+ months, more businesses than ever have embraced a remote workforce to help support their operations in a constantly changing (and often turbulent) worldwide economy. As these companies continue to redefine exactly what business as usual looks like, many executives are leveraging the power of virtual assistant services to support their operations. 

Companies Choose Virtual Assistant Services for a Variety of Reasons:

The reasons why organizations opt for virtual assistant services are varied. Some companies have had to downsize their internal workforce to stay afloat amid COVID-19 restrictions. Virtual assistants offer these businesses an opportunity to access professional, yet cost-effective, support services to help keep their operations afloat. 

Growing businesses have also benefited from virtual assistant solutions. Rapid expansion is an exciting time for organizations. However, growing too fast can often result in growing pains and lapses in back-office operations. A cohesive virtual assistant strategy can eliminate performance bottlenecks and gaps, allowing these successful businesses an opportunity to continue to thrive. 

Finally, the turbulent economy provided a perfect storm for new small businesses to launch across almost every industry. Many of these fledgling enterprises are being led by “solopreneurs” who are attempting to manage all of the support tasks and grow their client base. Using a virtual assistant team allows them to connect with the support they need, when they need it to save time, money, and resources better used on gaining momentum in the marketplace. 

Top Three Things To Look For When Choosing a Virtual Assistant Provider

As with any virtual resource, it’s important to know what to look for when choosing the right virtual assistant provider for your operations. Recognizing some of the key differentiators to look for can help you find the right virtual assistant solution to support your business. When searching for a VA provider, consider: 

  1. Support Capabilities
    Not every VA service provider will specialize in the specific capabilities you need to keep your business moving forward. When sourcing a virtual assistant provider, look for a company that offers virtual assistants as well as a comprehensive portfolio of additional virtual staffing services that stretch across multiple functions to ensure a good fit for what you need now and a good fit for any needs your business may have in the future. 

  2. Customized Service Plans
    A dynamic VA provider recognizes that there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all virtual assistant support. When screening potential options, find a provider that offers customized solutions that enable you to zero in on the right fit for your business. Beyond choosing customized services, you should also be able to select a customized overall plan designed for your specific company size. A qualified VA provider will offer options that suit large businesses as well as smaller organizations run by solopreneurs. Additionally, an innovative provider will also offer a third option for consumers. A Consumer Plan is designed for people needing extra support in their day-to-day tasks. A VA on a Consumer Plan will manage personal tasks, such as scheduling appointments, booking flights, and making dinner reservations. 

  3. Flat Monthly Rate
    Most importantly, the right virtual assistant solution will offer a lot — without costing a lot. When vetting various companies, price will always come into play when making a final decision. Look for a vendor that offers a monthly flat rate for payment. Opting for a low monthly fee will enable you to access the back-office support required to maintain your operations without paying for services you’ll never use. 

Learn More About Pena4’s Virtual Assistant Solutions

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