Medical Coding Shortage — The Case for Overseas Resources

Companies across every vertical are feeling challenged. The current economic climate means rising inflation rates, a constant threat of recession, and a lack of available resources–and even larger corporations are feeling the pressure.

One of the greatest challenges facing companies during the past year is a severe talent shortage spanning most industries and fields. Sectors such as IT, healthcare/medical, coding/billing, finance, and HR don’t have the talent pool available to fill open jobs.

However, there is a solution. To offset the lack of candidates and talent, healthcare organizations are turning to companies who can provide overseas resources. Overseas staffing gives employers a larger pool of talent to pull from and saves money by reducing overhead costs. Most overseas staff can fill staffing gaps as well as increase response time and productivity. The benefits to using overseas staff doesn’t stop there:


Cost Savings / Economic Efficiency

According to a recent article from Fortunly, 78% of businesses across the globe feel positive about their outsourcing partners. Those companies cited several reasons for outsourcing, including saving money and accessing skill sets that aren’t available in-house.


Access to Experts on a Global Scale

The pool of candidates grows exponentially larger as companies reach across continents to fill employment gaps, and a larger pool means an increased number of available experts. 


Faster Turnaround Time 

A larger pool of candidates often means your projects are prioritized and turned around faster than is possible in-house. Professional, timely deliverables keep companies on track and reduce the workload for in-house employees, allowing them to work more efficiently. 

24/7 Coverage

Overseas staff can often provide coverage 24/7 because of time zone differences and an increased staffing pool, whereas in-house employees are more likely limited with daylight working hours, commuting time and other restrictions.

Competitive Advantage

Let Pena4 show you how companies both small and large can benefit from overseas outsourcing. Request a consultation and let us show you how we can increase your productivity, save you money, and reduce the stress of employment shortages.